An aspiring polymath

by Adrian Corscadden

Skier, Cyclist, iOS Developer

Restarting this blog

I used to blog here a few years ago. At the time, I mostly blogged about atheism and tried to argue with creationists. I grew tired of that battle and stopped posting new content. Eventually, that blog’s content got stale and I took it offline.

Currently, most of my online content is posted to twitter. In a world where large corporations like Facebook and Twitter are increasing their ownership of online content, I decided that it’s finally time to own my own content again. From now on, most of my online content will be here.

I would consider most of what I post online to be microblog posts. Although a blog isn’t the best medium for this, I think that it is still better to own it myself. For this need, I had high hopes for, but it is unfortunately dying a slow death. Manton Reece has a microblogging service in the works. I really hope something like that takes off. I haven’t...

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