An aspiring polymath

by Adrian Corscadden

Skier, Cyclist, iOS Developer

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ROTW: Rule of the Week

I’ve always used little rules that I make up for myself to improve my life in small ways. They are normally rules for my diet, exercise, or work. For example, after last Christmas I had a rule where I had to eat every meal on a bed of lettuce. This forced me to be healthier and effectively have a salad as every meal. For work, I’ve had a rule where the first thing I do for the first hour after I wake up is code.

I’ve been thinking of something to blog about and I thought that I should start sharing my little rules that I come up with for myself. I’m normally pretty good at sticking to them, but maybe blogging about them publicly will make me more accountable.

The first rule that I’m going to make up for myself is that I need to make up a new rule for myself every Monday and blog about it.

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Restarting this blog

I used to blog here a few years ago. At the time, I mostly blogged about atheism and tried to argue with creationists. I grew tired of that battle and stopped posting new content. Eventually, that blog’s content got stale and I took it offline.

Currently, most of my online content is posted to twitter. In a world where large corporations like Facebook and Twitter are increasing their ownership of online content, I decided that it’s finally time to own my own content again. From now on, most of my online content will be here.

I would consider most of what I post online to be microblog posts. Although a blog isn’t the best medium for this, I think that it is still better to own it myself. For this need, I had high hopes for, but it is unfortunately dying a slow death. Manton Reece has a microblogging service in the works. I really hope something like that takes off. I haven’t...

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